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Free-Loaders and Friendship: Lessons in Social Capital

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Nov 11, 2015 3:45:30 PM

This is the story of two people: John and Kristine. John is a guy you could meet twice, and you would give him the shirt off your back. Kristine could be your first-cousin who grew up down the block, but you wouldn’t give her an apple if it grew on the tree in your backyard.

The Story of John

Three decades ago, one of our clients found himself in a world of hurt. The bank was breathing down his neck, and John was about to lose everything he owned.

But, every single person in John’s life wanted to see him succeed. Even casual acquaintances could not bear the thought of seeing John’s business and livelihood sink.

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John Steinbeck and a Nazi Propagandist: Lessons in Human Capital

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Nov 4, 2015 10:15:25 AM

What defines the essence of a person?

While some wealth-holders define themselves by the size of their bank accounts, we believe that a person’s substance is only truly
defined by looking at his or her human capital: What is the depth of his or her intelligences? How rich are his or her values? And how focused are his or her striving instincts?

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Your Checklist for Protecting Structural Capital—the Glue that Holds Core Capitals Together

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Aug 27, 2015 9:03:00 AM

Taking Action on a Values-based Wealth Transition Plan

Structural capital is how the family goes about taking action. Successful families, especially those who have acquired and retained their wealth over a long period of time, have structures that promote building and sustaining that wealth.
Does your estate plan protect your structural capital? Here are a few questions from our checklist to assess the strength of your future structural capital.

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