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Identifying Personal Values: An Exercise for Your Next Family Meeting

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Feb 17, 2016 1:44:43 PM

Have you ever thought, What in the world is that family member of mine thinking?

Chances are, when you have conflict with a family member, or when a family member acts in a way that is incongruent with your personal values, the misunderstanding stems from a lack of knowledge about each other’s core values.

When you understand your values, and when you understand your family members’ values, you can operate from a place of shared understanding, more easily resolving conflict and finding common ground.

At your next family meeting, ask your entire family to complete this exercise, which helps identify “core values.”

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What Is Your Striving Instinct? Are You a Fact-Finder, a Quick Start, a Follow Through, or an Implementor?

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Dec 23, 2015 11:30:00 AM

Thanks to neuron strings that create a particular style of solving problems, all of us go about solving problems in ways that seem right to us. One person’s striving instinct might be to gather facts first. If charged with the task of buying a printer, that person would spend time researching the best available printer at the lowest cost.

Would he ever buy a printer without researching it first? Sure, but it would never feel quite right. He would be a lot happier if he knew that his decision was backed by research to support his decision.

Others are bored silly by the fact-finding process. Their mantra? Time is money! They need to jump right in, guess at the solution, and learn by process of trial and error. Just buy the darn printer and see what happens!

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Your Checklist for Protecting Structural Capital—the Glue that Holds Core Capitals Together

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Aug 27, 2015 9:03:00 AM

Taking Action on a Values-based Wealth Transition Plan

Structural capital is how the family goes about taking action. Successful families, especially those who have acquired and retained their wealth over a long period of time, have structures that promote building and sustaining that wealth.
Does your estate plan protect your structural capital? Here are a few questions from our checklist to assess the strength of your future structural capital.

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