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Tony A. Rose, CPA is an author, speaker, and a founding partner of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs LLP. His clients include closely-held corporations, family owned businesses, partnerships and high net worth individuals. You can reach Tony here or by phone at 818-461-0600

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Individual and Workplace Values Must Go Together

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Sep 16, 2016 4:18:01 PM

Plain and simple: Your workplace must not compromise your values. This goes for you—the owner—and it goes for your employees. Your employees will be unable to sustain a lasting commitment to a job if they are required to work in a situation that counters their values.

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A Human Capital Lesson: Saving Yourself From a Big Mistake

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Sep 9, 2016 2:05:00 PM

In our discussion of human capital, we identify “values” as one of the three components of human capital.

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Have You “Seen” These 3 Key Attributes?

Posted by Tony A. Rose on Sep 6, 2016 12:48:45 PM

In helping families protect their human and social capital, a big part of our work relates to asking family members to truly “see” one another. Our position is this: The deeper a family’s bond amongst its members, the less likely the family will be torn apart by a dispute over financial capital.

To this end, we suggest that each member of a family identifies and describes three key attributes of each other family member. When you are able to pinpoint these three attributes, you can begin the work of honoring your family members for who they are.

What Are the Three Key Attributes?

1. First, what are this family member’s intelligences? Each of your family members will have multiple intelligences. Perhaps your nephew can hear patterns, manipulate them, and solve them. His sister, on the other hand, is a peacemaker: She can read people and communicate with them to solve problems. Both of these intelligences are equally important, and both of them speak toward the fiber of a person’s being.

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